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Sharp, Molly Clifford


Wife of Cliff Sharp in 1876.[1] (February 20, 1844September 28, 1920)[2]


Married Cliff Sharp on April 6, 1875.[2].[1]


After Bret Maverick's mock burial in Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory n September of 1876, Molly was instructed by her husband Cliff to ride into Hallelujah and claim to be Bret's widow. She led the townsfolk to believe Bret's name was merely one of many aliases used by her husband, and that the town had tried and hanged Cliff Sharp, not Bret Maverick. Molly left town on the stage bound for Santa Fe just before Bret rode back into Hallelujah disguised as his own twin brother. Upon hearing of Molly's claim of being his widow, he rode off to intercept her stagecoach at the Dry Springs Way Station. He traveled under the assumed name of Brad Richards so she wouldn't be suspicious of his motives for traveling to Santa Fe with her. Along the way, Molly found she was becoming attracted to Bret, but when he became "noble" in her eyes, she grew suspicious again and led him to her husband at their home outside of Santa Fe at gunpoint. There, Bret got into a gunfight with Sharp and killed him in self-defense. Afterwards, he convinced Molly to show him where the Wells Fargo money was hidden and the two traveled back to Hallelujah together to return the money. Once the Mayor and town council learned the real story of Bret's framing and escape, they cleared his name but jailed Molly for her involvement in the scheme. Bret left some of his reward money with the Mayor to ensure that Molly would get a good lawyer.[1]



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Molly Sharp

Portrayed by Whitney Blake


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