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Stoker, Rachel


American tourist in Tampico, Mexico in 1877.[1] (October 26, 1852 April 25, 1927)[2]


A tall brunette who visited Tampico with a short, bald man in May of 1877. At La Cantina Americana, she met blackjack dealer Paul Brooks, who showed her some of the sites around town and with whom she had a brief romantic encounter.[1]


In June, Bret Maverick needed to convince Brooks to leave Tampico long enough for Bret to take his job over to gain the confidence of cantina owner Steve Corbett. Bret suggested he had been asked by a tall brunette to look Brooks up when he visiting Tampico and pass a message on to him to look her up in Corpus Christi. Brooks accepted Bret's rough description and decided he must be referring to Rachel. Brooks took the bait, quit his job and sailed on the next boat to Corpus Christi. After arriving, he realized Rachel was not there and had not sent him a message at all.[1]


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Rachel Stoker



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