Bret Maverick reads the news.  (Maverick: Season 1 — Rage for Vengeance)

August 16, 2016


In 1872, railroads were beginning to have a real impact on the West... not just for travelers, adventurers and immigrants heading towards the Pacific on the newly completed transcontinental line, but for industry as well. Texas cattle, long excluded from the lucrative markets of the East during and since the Civil War, could now meet the encroaching tracks in the booming rail towns of Kansas.


King City was such a town, and "Brasada Spur" is its story, as well as that of many other Kansas towns. Kansas history is, to a great degree, railroad history. And of course, that's where Bart Maverick wanted to be. At least, until things started to head South.


Our next trail will carry us across Dakota Territory in a wagon train towards Deadwood in mid-1878. Although the episode is actually a sequel to the earlier "Alias Bart Maverick," in which the television audience first met Gentleman Jack Darby, we are presenting "Passage to Fort Doom" first as part of our current phase of charting those episodes of Maverick grounded in a very specific date. We will not see Darby on the coming trail, but Bart does get to travel again with Gentleman Jack's beautiful but troublesome cohort, Cindy Lou Brown.


You will also see some changes coming to Maverick Trails in the coming months. Aside from the next episode, many updates are in store which should make riding the trail with the Maverick boys better than ever. We hope to see you then!



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Season 2, Episode 50

"Passage to Fort Doom"




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