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The face of a 186f one-thousand dollar Treasury note, 1869. DeWitt Clinton is pictured in the center, Christopher Columbus seated on the left. [3]


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thousand-dollar bill


United States paper currency with a value of $1,000 American dollars.


Treasury notes of the denomination of $1,000 were issued by the Untied States Treasury from 1862 into the 1920s, some varieties of which no longer survive.[1]


When Bret and Bart Maverick left home, their old Pappy gave them each a $1,000 bill, and with a few words of advice, sent them off into the world.[2] Each brother usually kept their bill pinned inside their coat lapel, separate from any other money they carried. If they were robbed, the separate stash was often overlooked by the thief. The Maverick Brothers considered the $1,000 as their “getaway” money, not to be touched except in a dire emergency.



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