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Sheriff of Twin Bluffs,[1] Nebraska, in 1875. (April 16, 1816November 7, 1901)[2]


In July of 1875,[2] an east-bound Tomah stage left Twin Bluffs and returned shortly afterwards to report their discovery of the burned remains of the west-bound stage's driver, passengers and horses. Sheriff Tibbs immediately organized a posse to investigate.[1]


Escorting the east-bound stage back to the wreckage, Tibbs and his posse detected tracks of a band of Sioux leading back along the stage route to the Packsaddle Station. There, along with Tomah Stage Lines agent Simmons and passenger Linda Harris, they found Bret Maverick holding Mart and Rip Fallon at gunpoint, and the body of Wes Fallon, who Bret had been forced to kill in self-defense.[1]


Bret explained to Tibbs that the Fallons had killed Sam Harris and his partner Matson to learn the location of the Harris Mine, and had been prepared to do the same to Simmons, Mrs. Harris and himself. Tibbs arrested the Fallons and thanked Bret for his help.[1]


Simmons stopped Tibbs before he and the posse rode off to report that Bret sold he Harris Mine, located on Sioux land, to Fallon that rightfully belonged to Mrs. Harris. Bret explained that he only sold a map, not a mine, and Tibbs recognized that no law had been broken.[1]


Tibbs and the posse rode back to Twin Bluffs, where they held the Fallons for trail.[1]


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