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01. Maverick, The Thirty-Ninth Star (1958), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails



Henchman to Hazelton[1] in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory,[2] in 1876.[1] (December 3, 1831July 6, 1876)[2]


A member of the Stuart Machine, hired by Hazelton to perform his dirty work.[1]


On the night of July 4, 1876, Bart Maverick was knocked out outside the stage depot in Salt Lake City by two of Hazelton's thugs who took him to a basement somewhere in town. Tiny was ordered to beat him into revealing the location of incriminating papers to Hazelton. On July 6, after Bart had found the papers and was walking to the First National Bank, Tiny and another of Hazelton's thugs followed him into the street where they were joined by Hazelton and another thug. Hazelton and the two thugs chased Bart into an empty warehouse where they engaged him in a gunfight while Tiny bought some firecrackers from a hardware store and set them off to cover the sound of the gunshots. After he set them off, Tiny joined his comrades in the warehouse to finish Bart off, but Bart was forced to shoot and kill him and the others in self-defense.[1]


See: The Thirty-Ninth Star


Portrayed by Mickey Simpson









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