Signpost (Maverick: Season 2 — Two Tickets to Ten Strike)


• The Magic Liquid

• Makin' Tracks

• Mano Nera

• The Marquesa

• Marshal Maverick

• Maverick

• Maverick

• Maverick

• Maverick and Juliet

• Maverick and the Reluctant Groom

• Maverick At Law

• The Maverick Line

• The Maverick Report

• Maverick Springs

• The Mayflower Women's Historical Society

• The Misfortune Teller

• Miss Fortune's Losing Hand

• The Missouri Queen Renegades

• The Money Machine

• The Moonlight Stage

• Moonshine

• Mr. Muldoon's Partner



• Naked Gallows

• The New Maverick

• A Night at the Red Ox

• The Not So Magnificent Six



• Old Man Trouble

• One of Our Trains is Missing

• Our Man in Sweetwater

• Out of the Past



• Pappy

• Passage to Fort Doom

• The People's Friend

• Pinto River Swindle

• Plunder of Paradise

Point Blank

• Poker Face

• The Pony Auction

• Prey of the Cat



• The Quick and the Dead



• A Rage for Vengeance

• The Rattlesnake Brigade

• Red Dog

Relic of Fort Tejon

• Reluctant Heroes

• The Resurrection of Joe November

• The Richest Man in Nevada

• The Rivals

• Rope of Cards

• Rough-'N'-Tumble

• Royal Four-Flush

• Run, Thief, Run



• The Saga of Waco Williams

• The Savage Hills

• Seed of Deception

• The Sensibaugh Gang

• The Seventh Hand

• Shady Deal at Sunny Acres

• The Sheriff of Duck 'N' Shoot

• Sheriff Who?

• Showdown at Powder Springs

• Silver Threads Among the Gold

• Slick Trick

• The Spanish Dancer

• The Sporting Bandit

Stage West


• Strange Inheritance

• A State of Siege

• The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill

• The Stray Mavericks

• Strictly Coincidental

• Substitute Gun

• Sucker Play



• A Tale of Three Cities

• The Art Lovers

• A Technical Error

• Thousand Dollar Trouble

• The Third Rider

The Thirty-Ninth Star

• Three Queens Full

• Thunder from the North

• Thunder River Journey

• The Top-Hat Kid

• Tortilla Tycoon

• The Town that Wasn't There

Trail West to Fury

• Train to Trouble

• The Triangle Trail

• Trick of the Horsetrade

• Triple Indemnity

• Trooper Maverick

• Trouble in Tucson

• The Troubled Heir

• Two Beggars on Horseback

• Two Tickets to Ten Strike



• The Uninvited

• Unlucky Winners

• Unlucky Winners

• The Vulture Also Rise



• Wanted

War of the Silver Kings

• Welcome to Sweetwater

• The White Widow

• The Witch of Hound Dog

The Wrecker



• Yellow River

• The Yellow Rose

You Can't Beat the Percentage

Much of the charm of Maverick was that he was always on the move. From riverboat to cow town to mining camp, one never knew where the next story would take place. Many settings — Denver, St. Louis, San Francisco, New Orleans — were real places. Many others — Echo Springs, Duck 'N' Shoot, Hound Dog, even Bret and Bart's home town of Little Bend — were not.


Even when Maverick takes us to a fictional locale, there are often clues lurking in the stories — or in real geography — that can help us plot the Mavericks' trails across the West. With a little research and imagination, we can ride that trail from who-knows-where right along with Bret, Bart and Beau.


Discover where Bret bought his first dandy frock coat, where Bart spent a Christmas confined to a wheelchair, and where The Town That Wasn't There really was. Follow the Maverick boys story by story or explore on your own, region by region. The journey will often take you far from home, so be sure to bring along an extra deck of cards.




According to Hoyle

• Alias Bart Maverick

• Alias Jesse James

• Anything for a Friend

• Apache Gold

• Arizona Black Maria



• A Bag of Tricks

• The Ballad of Bret Maverick

• A Banner Day

• Bart Takes a Long Chance

• Bart's Generosity

• Beau Hits the Jackpot

• Beau Leaps to the Rescue

• The Belcastle Brand

• The Belles of Vinegar Wells

• Benefit of Doubt

• Betrayal

• The Big Cheat

• Big Deal in Deadwood

• The Big Payoff

• The Big Raise

• Black Fire

• Blue-Blood Wager

• Bolt from the Blue

• A Bullet for the Teacher

Brasada Spur

• Burial Ground of the Gods

• The Bold Fenian Men

• The Bundle from Britain

• The Burning Sky



• The Cactus Switch

• A Capital Idea

• The Cats of Paradise

• Chase the Ace

• Clancy

• Cold Ammunition

• Comstock Conspiracy

• The Cruise of the Cynthia B

• A Cure for Johnny Rain



• Dade City Dodge

• Dateline: Sweetwater

• A Day at the Races

• The Day 'Noose" Johnson Surrendered

• Day of Reckoning

The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick

• Dead Man's Hand

• Dead Ringer

• The Deadly Image

• Derwent Dexter's Dirty Deeds

• Destination: Devil's Flat

• The Devil's Necklace

• Diamond Flush

• Diamond in the Rough

• The Diamond Mine

• Dodge City or Bust

• Double-Trouble in Texas

• Duel at Sundown

• Dutchman's Gold



• Easy Mark

• The Eight Swords of the Dyrus and Other

• Epitaph for a Gambler

Escape to Tampico



• Fair Game

• Faith, Hope and Clarity, Part 1

• Faith, Hope and Clarity, Part 2

• Family Pride

• A Fellow's Brother

• Find the Lady

• A Fistful of Oats

• A Flock of Trouble

• Flood's Folly

• The Forbidden City

• Full House

• Full House at Gregory Gulch



• The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw

• Game of Chance

• Gatling's Gun

Ghost Rider

• The Ghost Soldiers

• Ghost Town Gold

• The Golden Fleecing

• The Goose Drownder

• The Great Beef Bonanza

• Greenbacks, Unlimited

• Guatemala City

• The Guitar

• Gun Guards for Gold

• Gunfight at Rocky Run

• Gunfight Election

• Gun-Shy



• Hadley's Hunters

• Half-Past Noon

• Hallie

• Have I Got a Girl For You

• Hearts o' Gold

• The Hidalgo Thing

• High Card Hangs

• Holiday at Hollow Rock

• Horse of Yet Another Color

• Horsetrader




• The Ice Man

• Illusions of Grandeur

• Irish Luck

• The Iron Hand

• Island in the Swamp

• It's a Draw



• The Jail at Junction Flats

The Jeweled Gun

• The Judas Mask



• Kiz



• Lady Luck

• The Lass with the Poisonous Air

• Last Stop: Oblivion

• Last Wire from Stop Gap

• The Lazy Ace

• The Loan

• Lonesome Reunion

The Long Hunt


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