In the mining town of Echo Springs, Bret discovers local silver baron Phineas King's secret for being unbeatable at poker. He cheats. Once King realizes that Bret is on to him, he tries to have Bret either run out of town or killed to protect his reputation. Bret decides to fight back honestly, and forms an alliance between the smaller mines in town to challenge King's domination over them.




ace-deuceApex LawArthurBella Union HotelBixby, RichardbluffBostonBuffalo GalscallChancecheckChicagoChinese jointClark, EpConnors, Elbert Cranecutdouble or nothingEcho SpringsFennellyFremont StreetHarrisHinkeyhotel clerkJackson, WalterKing, PhineasKriedlerLawsonMaverick, BretMcComb, Big MikeMcComb’sNatchezNatchez HeraldnaturalNew Hope Mining CompanyopenopenerPioneer Hotelpokerrun one •  Salt Lake CitySan AntonioSilver Lady MineStoller, EdieStoller, Johnten fullThayer, Joshuathousand-dollar billUnion Pacific RailroadUtah Central Rail RoadUtah TerritoryWestern Union Telegraph CompanyWestern Union telegrapherWilly

Listings in italics are not specifically mentioned by name in the story, but are inferred through other contextual references.



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C. B. Glasscock, — Grosset & Dunlap, ©1935

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MAVERICK: Season 1, Episode 1

Written by: James O'Hanlon (from a book by C. B. Glasscock)

Directed by: Budd Boetticher

Original airdate: September 22, 1957


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